ASNs and PI Space

I do a lot of networking, and it makes sense for me to finally get my own personal allocation of IP addresses and an ASN. It looks like a confusing process, but it is pretty straightforward.

First, the cost. In the RIPE region there is no cost for ASNs, but there is a 50euro/year cost for each PI allocation. RIPE has no more PI IPv4 space available, but does have PI IPv6 space. You'll need to arrange to have a sponsoring LIR, and they may charge you for the service. You'll need a physical location to have a machine, and you'll need at least two connections, connecting to two different ASNs.

Secondly, you'll need a number of pieces of documentation. I made requests for an ASN and PI IPv6 space. The official rules are at RIPE's website, but this is the short list of what I sent in:

  • Copy of my ID or Passport
  • Signed End User contract with my Sponsoring LIR
  • Justification for having PI adresses (aka, what will I do with it)
  • Proof that I will be multi-homing the ASN, so Peering Contracts with at least 2 ASNs

Once I received the ASNs, I created the domain, as-set, aut-num, and route6 objects, so I exist network-wise. I also registered the traditional "as<num>.net" domain name, created the traditional email addresses, and PeeringDB entry. Time from first applying to receiving the assignments, 7 days.

ASN:                                 205969
IPv6:                    2001:67c:12f4::/48