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  1. (Basic) SSH Keys Part 1: Simple setup + ProxyJump

    Last year, curious, I asked a group of users and developers how they manage their SSH keys. Most people responded that they keep one unique set of keys per machine. Some have a work pair and a home pair. Some have keys specific to automated processes, or particular functions. Keys …

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  2. ThinkPad BIOS update on a stick!

    Hi, I'm pamela@! Peter offered me some space to write about OpenBSD and networking, and I come bearing some how-tos which hopefully assume less prior knowledge than most, and maybe later some thoughts about more esoteric development topics.

    I currently maintain the OpenBSD changelog so I can talk shop, but …

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  3. ASNs and PI Space

    I do a lot of networking, and it makes sense for me to finally get my own personal allocation of IP addresses and an ASN. It looks like a confusing process, but it is pretty straightforward.

    First, the cost. In the RIPE region there is no cost for ASNs, but …

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  4. Presenting at BSDCan 2016

    This morning I recieved a nice email.

    Subject: BSDCan 2016 - you are chosen

    So, I'll be at BSDCan in Ottawa Canada this June. (You'll want to attend, there will be lots of other interesting talks, including one about an implementation called "switchd" for OpenBSD).

    I'll be talking about an "Bidirectional …

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  5. IPv4 vs IPv6 peering

    During a conversation on IRC, I started to think about our network peers that have IPv6, but don't send us any of those routes.

    The disjoint in IPv4 peers vs IPv6 peers is extremely noticeable with BT (http://bgp.he.net/AS2856), but is common with almost all network entities …

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  6. RIPE71 Conference After-Action

    Last week was RIPE71 held in Bucharest, Romania. Since I was interested in a tutorial on Monday morning, and the conference officially ended Friday at 12:30pm, we arrived Sunday afternoon and left Friday afternoon. After checking in to the hotel, we visited the RIPE Atlas Probe Hackathon, which was …

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  7. OpenBGPd and route filters

    Many moons ago, OpenBGPd was extensively used throughout the networking world as a Route Server. However, over the years, many have stopped using it and have migrated away to other implementations. Recently, I have been getting more involved with the networking community, so I decided to ask "why". Almost exclusively …

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